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AI and the Transformation of the Human Spirit,” Quillette Magazine, (2023)
Sudden Amnesia Showed Me That the Self is a Convenient Fiction,” Aeon: Psyche (2021). Audio version here. Portuguese version here.
The Explanatory Failure of ‘Luck’,” Culturico, (2020)
As Statues Fall, What’s the Best Way to Evaluate History’s Heroes?Quillette Magazine, (2020)
The Futility of Guilt-Based Advocacy,” Quillette Magazine, (2019)
The Unreality of Luck,” Aeon Magazine, (2018)
Hard Decisions of a Book Restorer,” Aesthetics for Birds, (2018)
Who’s Assessing the Assessors’ Assessors?” The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 15, 2013), p. A60.
Putting Claus Back Into Christmas,” Christmas and Philosophy—Philosophy for Everyone: Better Than a Lump of Coal, ed. Scott C. Lowe (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2010) pp. 161-171
Cycling and Philosophical Lessons Learned the Hard Way,” Cycling –Philosophy for Everyone: A Philosophical Tour de Force, eds. Jesús Ilundáin and Michael Austin (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2010) pp. 162-172
A Call to the Women’s Center,” Think (vol. 8, no. 22, 2009) pp. 25-28
A Proof of the Existence of Fairies,” Think, (vol. 16, Winter 2008) pp. 45-48. Under the pseudonym “Tink R. Bell”
Mill v. Miller or Higher and Lower Pleasures,” Beer and Philosophy, ed. Steven D. Hales, (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2007) pp. 97-109
“The Hot Hand in Basketball,” Basketball and Philosophy, eds. Greg Bassham and Jerry Walls (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 2007) pp. 196-206
“The Traditional Problem of Free Will,” Delight in Thinking: An Introductory Reader, eds. Scott C. Lowe and Steven D. Hales (New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing, 2006) pp. 225-248
You Can Prove a Negative,” Think (vol. 10, Summer, 2005) pp. 109-112

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