Steven D. Hales

I am Professor of Philosophy at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I earned a Ph.D. from Brown University. I was recently a visiting professor at Corpus Christi College at the University of Cambridge. I am also the series editor for Wiley-Blackwell’s This is Philosophy book series, and a business consultant for the Phosphorus, Inorganic, and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association of North America (really!). My Google Scholar page is here.

I like bookbinding, woodworking, tennis, cycling, jazz, and craft beer.

My Work


I have published a bunch of books. Click the “Books” button at the top to see them. The latest are The Myth of Luck: Philosophy, Fate, and Fortune (Bloomsbury) and the 2nd edition of This is Philosophy: An Introduction (Wiley-Blackwell).

Research articles

I’ve published several dozen scholarly papers on topics like luck, relativism, Nietzsche, intuition, and perdurance. I’m known for the first expertise defense of intuition, and for inventing the idea of a paper abortion. Click the “Research Articles” button at the top.

Popular articles

If you want to see some essays I’ve written for a broader audience in venues like Aeon, Quillette, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, just click the “Popular Articles” button at the top.

Other Interests


I do traditional hand bookbinding and restoration of paper, mostly on antiquarian books. Click the “Hobbies” button at the top to see some my work.


I dabble a bit in fine woodworking. Click the “Hobbies” button at the top to see some of the things I’ve done.


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